In undertaking our work in Mexico, MBF embraces a transparent philosophy of flexibility, open-mindedness, and sensitivity to the cultural and economic realities of the region.


Recognition of Interconnectedness

MBF recognizes that economic development and conservation activities must proceed hand-in-hand.  Long term conservation of the monarch butterfly cannot occur in isolation from or to the detriment of the economic and cultural well-being of the local communities.

Collaborative Approach

MBF seeks out and establishes international partnerships among groups and individuals from Mexico, Canada, and the United States that share common interests in forest restoration and monarch butterfly conservation.


MBF is guided by and applies the best available science in determining its priorities, conducting its activities, and evaluating its effectiveness.


MBF deals openly and directly with its stakeholders, which include other NGOs, administrators of the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve (MBBR), donors, collaborators, staff, local communities, and the general public.  MBF will encourage the sharing of information resulting from its own research or that conducted with its support and, where appropriate, will encourage publication of results in peer-reviewed scientific journals and popular publication outlets.


Forest conservation and rehabilitation are essential priorities for the long term sustainability of the region. This is a complex undertaking, however, requiring a multi-pronged approach: understanding and applying the specific factors favoring growth, providing environmental education to increase awareness and stewardship, and helping to establish sustainable community development projects that improve living standards. In sum, we are committed to ensuring the long term survival of local residents, monarchs, and forests. Their futures, as well as ours, are mutually dependent.