Monarch Monitoring Volunteers Needed!

Monarch Monitoring Volunteers Needed!

The Integrated Monitoring Strategy is a program to monitor key monarch and habitat characteristics using spatially balanced sites across the monarch’s U.S. range. Your results will inform Eastern monarch population habitat targets, help scientists understand the threats monarchs face during the breeding season, and help to create strategies for implementing habitat enhancement. Combined with habitat management records over time, these data could also be used to assess the effectiveness of local conservation projects for monarchs.

The Integrated Monitoring Strategy consists of four activities:

  1. monitor adult monarchs and identify preferred adult nectar plants
  2. estimate milkweed species diversity and density, per plant density of monarch eggs and caterpillars, and relative abundance of blooming nectar plants
  3. estimate monarch survival to adulthood by raising collected monarchs
  4. estimate abundance and biomass of fire ants (where geographically appropriate)

Instructions for monitoring in different land types (protected grasslands, unprotected grasslands, CRP lands, cultivated land, right of way habitats, urban/suburban spaces) are provided.

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