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Mural en Sierra Chincua

Se inauguró un mural en Sierra Chincua mostrando su diversidad biológica y cultural.

julio 07, 2023

As part of the opening ceremonies of the 2019-2020 tourist season, a mural was inaugurated at Sierra Chincua showing its biological and cultural diversity. This project, the result of MBF’s collaboration with Ejido Cerro Prieto and other local partners (the MBBR, the Monarch Fund, and UNAM’s Center for Research in Environmental Geography [CIGA), depicts diverse species of plants, fungi, birds, mammals and other insects that are part of the monarch butterfly’s habitat. It also shows the daily activities of people in the local community as well as some threats to butterflies. The mural is surrounded by a series of iron and cement sculptures symbolizing the migratory cycle of butterflies. The mural was painted by Maestro Enrique Téllez Hernández, originally from Angangueo, Michoacán. This space transforms what was a garbage incinerator into a cultural and tourist structure that makes the community proud and represents an interest in forest activities that are the least harmful to nature.

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