Many companies care deeply about the environment and find ways to conduct their business while also supporting causes important to them. The organizations on this page believe in the MBF mission and support our efforts by contributing a percentage of their profits or donating funds. These are our MBF Champions.

Thank you, MBF Champions, for choosing to make a difference through your business's donations. We appreciate your support more than words can express

- the MBF Board
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Premier Champions

(contributions over $2000 annually)

Flutter Flyers

Flutter Flyers Logo

FlutterFlyers is a small business with a big mission. They offer their famous wind-up flying butterfly toys (Flutter Flyers) for greeting cards and gifts. They also offer their butterfly explosion boxes (FlutterBox Kits), which are great for a unique surprise gift! All of their designs are inspired by the Monarch Butterfly's natural patterns, and a portion of each sale is donated to MBF, helping protect real monarchs for future generations. FlutterFlyers has been supporting MBF since 2021. Their website is at:


Sponsoring Champions

(contributions over $500 annually)

Gusto Flavors

Gusto flavors launched their product ¡Gusto! - four varieties of seasoning blends inspired by the flavors of Mexico. What could be more Mexican that the overwintering monarchs! In their own words, "¡Gusto! is committed to sustainability, and protecting the environment for future generations of monarch butterflies". Two percent of their profits from sales of ¡Gusto! seasonings are donated to MBF. The team at ¡Gusto! has been donating funds to MBF since 2022. Click on this link to visit their website and try their seasonings.

Chantecaille Cosmetics

Chantecaille Cosmetics

Chantecaille is a cosmetics and skincare company founded by Sylvie Chantecaille. In 2014, the brand's first philanthropy collection, "Les Papillons," supported butterfly research, and launched a longstanding commitment to environmental conservation, with MBF as one of its most important partners.

Cottonwood Foundation Logo

Cottonwood Foundation

Since 2015 Cottonwood Foundation has supported MBF's reforestation project, awarding us funds every year as part of their Small Grants Program.

Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin

NRF Logo

Since 2020, the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin has supported MBF's reforestation project with an annual award through their Wisconsin Pollinator Protection Fund.

“None of our conservation work would be possible without generous donors like you. Thank you again for your commitment and kindness!”

- the MBF Board

How can your business become an MBF Champion?

Benefits to MBF Champions

When your business becomes an MBF Champion, you ...

  • Make a difference for monarchs by financially supporting MBF projects.

  • Increase your customers’ awareness of the plight of monarchs and let them know that you are committed to making a difference.

  • Expand the visibility of your business to other MBF supporters.

  • May add this Champion designation to your company’s green certification.

  • (Optional) May receive a custom presentation on monarch conservation via zoom to your staff by members of the MBF Board.


  • Agree to an MOU with MBF for mutual recognition.

  • Contribute a percentage of sales or a minimum of $500 annually to become a (Tier 1) Sponsoring Champion or a minimum of $2000 annually to become a (Tier 2) Premier Champion. A company that donates over $5000 per year will receive special recognition at the top of our champions page as an (Tier 3) Elite Champion. A business will be designated as a Champion after receipt of the minimum level of donation for that corresponding level, and Champion status will be valid for two years.

  • Include the MBF logo on your business’s product and/or website.

  • Include the MBF website link and MBF Champion designation on your business’s website and social media.

  • (Optional) Invite any associated businesses to also become MBF Champions.

Recognition MBF provides our Champions

  • With your approval, MBF will list your business’s name and logo on the MBF website.

  • MBF will acknowledge your business as a Champion annually in our newsletter.

  • MBF will announce your Champion status on social media, and again as appropriate, throughout the year.

  • Be eligible for special recognition as a Champion of the Year.

If your organization is interested in becoming an MBF Champion, please contact us at to discuss. We'd love to add your organization to our team of Champions.

Note: We do not accept funds from organizations whose activities have direct negative impacts to monarchs, as supported by scientific evidence.

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