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MBF's Sustainable Development initiative promotes activities that enable local communities in and around the MBBR to achieve self-sufficiency and improve their quality of life through the adoption of ecological practices and community projects. In partnership with local organizations, we support projects that train people in the production of organic vegetables, organic fertilizers, fruit and forest trees, as well as the construction of fuel-efficient stoves and cisterns to capture rainwater.

The more we take, the less we become.

Sarah McLachlan

Alternare - training generations of leaders

Alternare is a well-known and well-respected local organization working to promote sustainable development in their region. This MBF-supported project focuses on Alternare's innovative capacity building workshops. Through 26 years of uninterrupted work Alternare has benefited more than 143,500 people through different training programs. The Trainer’s Development Program has trained 199 agents of change who multiply their sustainable development model and ensure its permanence. The Forest and Water Conservation Program has reforested more than 420 hectares with 80-85% survival rate, produced more than 357,791 trees in community and school nurseries, built more than 440 cisterns, 388 latrines and more than 1,505 fuel-efficient stoves, designed a comprehensive fire management plan and developed and promoted a comprehensive management plan for the San Juan Zitácuaro River watershed. More than 15,306 families have benefited from the Alternative Production Model improving their production methods and housing.  

MBF is proud to partner with such a proven change-maker. 

Local people near the reserves used to clear these forests as their ancestors did, to feed their families and have wood for fuel. Poverty is a huge problem, and when people are desperate, they turn to logging. MBF works to improve the local economy so that people are not driven to poach.

Carol Pasternak, Toronto Canada