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In MBF's Education and Outreach initiative, we support programs that foster a greater understanding, appreciation, and support of monarch conservation. Our programs focus on engaging communities in conservation by providing educational activities for youth, and training in eco-tourism and reforestation for adults. Outreach projects range from engaging citizen scientists in monitoring to the development of videos highlighting the importance of conservation efforts.

Sample project: Video "Biodiversity: Beyond the Monarch"

With funding from MBF, the Monarch Network produced "Biodiversity: Beyond the Monarch," a video highlighting the incredible variety of species living in the MBBR. The video includes beautiful images of wildlife along with expert commentary on the importance of the region's biodiversity. This educational video complements the  MBF-funded biodiversity project and has been shown in Canada, the United States and Mexico.

MBF's support has been definitive so that the monarch network reaches its conservation objectives and improves the living conditions of the inhabitants of the communities of the region.

Alfonso de la Vega - Red Monarca

Collaboration is vital to our success

Alfonso Alonso presenting at a monarch symposium
Board member Alfonso Alonso presenting at a monarch symposium

MBF belongs to the Red Monarca (Monarch Network), a group of civil society organizations that work on conservation activities in the monarch area of Mexico. MBF also participates in tri-lateral symposiums sharing knowledge and insights about monarch conservation with communities, academics, civil society organizations and government officials. 

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.

Henry David Thoreau