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Monarch at Point Peele National Park, Canada - April 30, 2024 Spring 2024

Monarch Population in Mexico Decreases in 2023-24 Overwintering Season


Three monarchs on a flower in El Rosario Winter 2023

Rains Greet Monarchs This Overwintering Season


Monarchs nectaring in overwintering sites Spring 2023

Area Occupied by Monarchs Decreases this Season

Issue XXVI

Monarch flying over flower in Mexico in San Miguel Xooltepec in the State of Mexico, close to the MBBR Winter 2022

Summer 2022 Reforestation: 22,200 Trees Planted!

Issue XXV

Weather station sign Spring 2022

2021-2022 Overwintering Season: Research Update

Issue XIV

Kids in their school nursery preparing for the 2021 reforestation Winter 2021

A Successful Year for Alternare: 22,515 Trees Planted & More!


Monarchs flying about in the sky Spring 2021

Dry Year in 2020-2021 Overwintering Season

Issue XXII

Two branches with overwintering monarch clusters Winter 2020

A Different Tourist Season at the Monarch Reserve

Issue XXI

Two monarchs on white flowers Spring 2020

Spring Reflections - Message from MBF

Issue XX

Isabel Ramírez with microphone speaking at Lincoln Brower memorial Winter 2019

Special Edition: Celebrating 10 years of Monarch Conservation in Mexico - Tribute to Lincoln Brower

Issue XIX

Cluster of overwintering monarchs on a tree branch Spring 2019

Monarch Population Increases by 144% in 2018-2019


Man watering seedlings at nursery Winter 2018

30,000 Trees Planted This Summer!


Two monarchs in the forest Spring 2018

Data on 2017-18 Overwintering Population

Issue XVI

Little boy with shovel digging during 2017 reforestation Winter 2017

More than 23,400 Planted!

Issue XV

Cleared forest with accumulated remains of fallen trees and trawl marks from the extraction Spring 2017

2016-17 Overwintering Population in Sierra Chincua

Issue XIV

Boys planting trees Winter 2016

After the Storm…Comes the Restoration!


Frozen monarchs on snow after March 2016 storm Spring 2016

Reforestation Survival Rates and Effects of March Storm

Issue XII

Little boy carrying a tree and walking towards the forest during 2015 reforestation Winter 2015

Summer 2015 Reforestation: 27,875 Trees Planted!

Issue XI

Boy tending the nursery Spring 2015

Spring Welcomes the Monarchs!

Issue X

Monarch clusters in Spring 2014 Winter 2014

Monarchs on the Rebound – Hopefully!

Issue IX

Group of monarchs on a branch in El Rosario Spring 2014

Board Members Visit Mexico

Issue VIII

Nursery full of seedlings Winter 2013

Summer 2012 Reforestation: 17,657 Trees Planted

Issue VII

Kids taking care of the seedlings in their school nursery Fall 2013

Summer 2013 Reforestation: 34,000+ Trees Planted!

Issue VI

Reforestation planning workshop at Alternare, men sitting down in tables Summer 2012

Paving the Way for the Summer: MBF Supports Reforestation Capacity-Building Workshop

Issue V

People in the forest with wheelbarrow full of seedlings Fall 2011

More than 34,000 Trees Planted During 2011 Summer Reforestation

Issue IV

Reforestation plots Summer 2011

MBF Summer 2011 Reforestation

Issue III

Pine seedling in the soil Winter 2010

MBF Summer 2010 Reforestation

Issue II

Monarchs flying about in the sky surrounded by trees Summer 2010

Introduction to The Monarch Butterfly Fund

Issue I