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Introduction to The Monarch Butterfly Fund

We are pleased to bring you the first Monarch Butterfly Fund (MBF) newsletter! MBF was formed through the merger of the Michoacán Reforestation Fund (MRF) and the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Foundation (MBSF).

May 01, 2010

MBF will promote monarch conservation, fol-lowing the leads established by MRF and MBSF. As MBF, we remain committed to the monarch butterfly and conservation of its overwintering habitat in Mexico. While our focus will be on the overwintering sites, we also support conservation activities in monarchs’ breeding and migratory range.

Inside this Issue:

  • The Monarch Butterfly Fund
  • 2010 Winter Storm
  • Collaboration is Key:
    • Connecting through the RED Monarca Network
    • Reforestation Forum
    • MonarchNet
    • Monarch Joint Venture
    • Community Based Reforestation
  • MBF Forestry Advisors
  • Seedlings for Espacio Autónomo
  • Environmental Education Workshops
  • Supporting Conservation: MBF Issues Requests for Proposals

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