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More than 23,400 Planted!

In summer 2017 our local partner Alternare was joined by 151 women, men and children from Crescencio Morales, Donaciano Ojeda and Nicolas Romero indigenous communities to plant 23,400 trees in twenty five hectares. Pine, oak, alder, ash and oyamel trees were used in the reforestation. Five hectares were left undisturbed and will be monitored to promote natural regeneration, a beneficial and successful strategy.

December 01, 2017

Reforestation is performed in locations where there is no other option, but MBF’s goal is to restore ecosystem integrity through both reforestation and natural regeneration. We are very pleased with our success so far and hope to continue working with the communities to reach our common goal of conserving the forest ecosystem for the people and the butterflies.

Inside this Issue:

  • Join the MBF Challenge!
  • More than 23,400 trees planted!
  • Monarchs Arrive in Mexico
  • MBF Supports Arborists in Cerro Pelón
  • Alternare Update
  • Monarch Network Documentation Center
  • Assisted Migration Research Continues
  • Ecological & Genetic Characterization of Regeneration in oyamel populations
  • Monarch Joint Venture Meeting
  • MBF 2017 Annual General Meeting
  • Thank you for being our conservation partners

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