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Monarch Population Increases by 144% in 2018-2019

During the past overwintering season, experts from the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve(MBBR) and the Natural Protected Areas Commission (CONANP), in collaboration with the WWF Mexico-Telmex-Telcel partnership, reported a 144% increase of the surface covered by monarch butterfly colonies. Although this increase to approximately 6 hectares (12 acres) was very good news, it will be several years before we know if the population has stabilized.

May 01, 2019

MBF's continued work to increase the abundance of native milkweeds in the monarch breeding range and the continued protection of closed forests for monarchs in Mexico will help to ensure long term sustainability of monarch numbers.

This summer MBF will support Alternare and the communities to plant 24,000 trees from 30 school and community nurseries on 20 hectares. As we have in previous years, we are leaving undisturbed forest to continue learning about natural regeneration. Having observed that natural  regeneration has not occurred, we plan to disperse pine and oyamel seeds on the land lacking trees and monitor whether this increases the number of new trees growing in the area.

Inside this Issue:

  • Monarch Population Increases by 144% in 2018-2019
  • MBF at the 6th International Symposium on Monarchs
  • Map of Vegetation and Land cover
  • Evaluation of Restoration
  • Alternare Enthusiastically Welcomes 2019
  • Correo Real’s Citizen Science Project
  • Monarch Network
  • Monarch Joint Venture
  • Monarch Butterfly Flight Challenge
  • First Two Students Receive “Lincoln P. Brower Award”
  • GlobalGiving
  • Thanks to Donors

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