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Area Occupied by Monarchs Decreases this Season

On March 21 population numbers for the monarchs were released indicating that during this overwintering season butterflies occupied 2.21 hectares of forest, 22% less than in the previous year.

May 17, 2023

Oyamel forests remain essential, not only for the conservation of the monarch butterfly, but to provide a steady water supply to communities, and as a reservoir for a large number of animal and plant species. Unfortunately, in recent years these forests are facing a new threat: more frequent and severe droughts that cause pests which lead to logging of the infected trees. Therefore, with your generous support, MBF will continue to increase our efforts to protect monarch habitat in North America.

Inside this issue:

  • Monarch population
  • MBF Milestones
  • Spring Migration
  • MJV Meeting in AZ
  • Drone Flight - Assisted Migration
  • Western Monarchs Advocates Conference
  • Monitoring Southwest Monarchs
  • Alternare's 25th Anniversary
  • Beyond the Mexico Book Project
  • Lincoln P. Brower Awards Winners
  • Thanks to Donors
  • GlobalGiving
  • Overwintering Season 2022-23

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