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MBF Summer 2011 Reforestation

Partnering with Ecolife, a California-based NGO, and Alternare, MBF will plant 25,00o trees this summer to restore 25 hectares of forest.

May 01, 2011

MBF will carry out this reforestation with the indigenous communities of Francisco Serrato and Crescencio Morales.

Inside this Issue:

  • Reforestation 2011
  • MBF Welcomes Dr. Pablo Jaramillo
  • Alternare Continues with Reforestation and Fuel-efficient Stoves
  • Eco-tourism Workshops
  • MBF Collaboration with Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut
  • MBF in the U.S. - member of MJV
  • MBF Board publish their research
  • MBF holds AGM meeting in Kansas

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