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Dry Year in 2020-2021 Overwintering Season

Since monarchs began arriving in early November, the National Weather Service's Drought Monitor in Mexico reported moderate drought in the region where the colonies are established. Drought (precipitation deficit, vegetation stress, low soil moisture, low water body level) increased and by February and March had already become severe.

May 01, 2021

At the meteorological station located in the Llano de las Papas in Sierra Chincua, at the same elevation as the butterfly colony and a scant three kilometers away, the average relative humidity for November was 53% anddecreased to 26% in February. Additionally, only 11 millimeters (0.43 in throughout the season between December and January. The dry conditions prompted a lot of flight activity throughout the season, except on the few cold and cloudy days. Currently, Dr. Isabel Ramirez, MBF Board Member, collaborates with the climate component of a project led by Dr. Jeremy McNeil of the University of Western Ontario in which several specialists will analyze causes of butterfly mortality.

Inside this Issue:

  • 2020-21 Overwintering Season
  • Overwintering Population Declines
  • Alternare Continues Benefiting Families
  • Monarch Fund Documentary
  • Exciting Updates in Monarch Network’s Website
  • Beyond the Mexico Book Project
  • Monitoring Restoration of Illegally Logged Area
  • Dry Conditions Affect Assisted Migration Experiments
  • Monitoring Monarchs in the West
  • Lincoln P. Brower Awards
  • MBF Webinar Available on YouTube
  • MBF Welcomes Ek del Val de Gortari to our Board
  • GlobalGiving
  • Thank you donors

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