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30,000 Trees Planted This Summer!

This past summer, six local indigenous communities and Alternare planted 30,000 trees on 28 hectares in 13 sites in the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve’s (MBBR) buffer zone! A total of 2,537 women, men, and children enthusiastically participated in the tree production process in 26 community and seven school nurseries.

December 05, 2018

An additional 594 people also helped in the site selection, an amazing ownership of the entire process by the local communities. Everyone asked to plant more pine trees since they can be managed more sustainably, so 95.2% of the trees used in the reforestation were pines. Other tree species planted included oaks (0.2%), oyamels (1.5%), and alders (3.1%).

Inside this Issue:

  • 30,000 Trees Planted This Summer!
  • Correo Real’s Citizen Science Project
  • Biodiversity Monitoring in MBBR
  • Assisted Migration Research Update
  • Funding for Carpinteros Indigenous Community
  • The Butterflies and Their People Monitor Forests
  • Evaluation of Restoration
  • Maps of Vegetation and Land Cover
  • Monarch Network Update
  • Alternare Update
  • Alternare is Acknowledged Internationally!
  • Monarch Joint Venture Update
  • Remembering Lincoln Brower
  • Lincoln P. Brower Award
  • MBF Rated as a Great Nonprofit!
  • GlobalGiving

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