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A Different Tourist Season at the Monarch Reserve

November 10th was a very special day at the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve (MBBR). The year 2020 celebrates the twentieth anniversary of the expansion of the MBBR to 56,259 hectares and the establishment of an innovative conservation plan (the Monarch Butterfly Conservation Fund, also known as the Monarch Fund) to pay local communities for environmental services provided by the forests where the monarchs overwinter. 

December 05, 2020

At that time, MBF had not yet been established, but several of our board members and collaborators actively participated and supported this initiative. More details on how this new Reserve and payment mechanism were established can be found on a book chapter written by MBF collaborator Mónica Missrie in the The Monarch Butterfly: Biology and Conservation. There is also an article on page two of this newsletter describing a documentary currently being developed to commemorate the Fund. While a festive celebration of this event has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, activities at the Reserve continued with some accommodations for everyone’s safety.

Inside this Issue:

  • Alternare Plants More Than 21,000 Trees in 2020!
  • Awards are Among Alternare’s 2020 Achievements
  • Monarch Fund Documentary
  • Monitoring Restoration of Illegally Logged Area
  • Monitoring Monarchs in the West
  • Lincoln P. Brower Award
  • Beyond the Mexico Book Project
  • Monarch Network
  • Assisted Migration – Thinking of the Future
  • More Monarch News
  • MBF Zoom Webinar - Monarchs in Mexico: People Care!
  • GlobalGiving

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