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After the Storm…Comes the Restoration!

In March, 2016 a severe winter storm hit the monarch butterflies’ forests resulting in numerous trees falling in the core and buffer zones of the Monarch Reserve. Salvage logging activities, which included removing fallen trees and debris, took place with the approval of the Mexican government. In addition, 10 hectares in Sierra Chincua were illegally logged in 2015.

December 05, 2016

Concerned with the situation, MBF’s Isabel Ramirez, Pablo Jaramillo and their colleagues prepared a zoning map of the deforested area, noting four zones that should be restored based on the severity of the damage created by illegal logging. Subsequently, they were part of the multidisciplinary group of researchers, government authorities and stakeholders that met with the Reserve’s Senior staff to determine the best remedial response. A team was assembled to plant oyamel and pine seedlings randomly to resemble the natural forest.

Inside this Issue:

  • March 2016 Storm
  • Summer 2016 Reforestation: More than 22,124 Trees Planted!
  • Alternare Update
  • Dr. Cuauhtémoc Saénz & Team Continue Their Research
  • Monarch Fund Brochures
  • News from the Board
  • Field Guide Workshops Begin!
  • Monarch Joint Venture Meeting in Minnesota
  • GlobalGiving

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