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2021-2022 Overwintering Season: Research Update

In this issue, we report on the research on mortality during the 2021-2022 overwintering season.

May 12, 2022

In research on monarch mortality in two overwintering sites, led by Dr. Jeremy McNeil of the University of Western Ontario and colleagues, including MBF board member Dr. Isabel Ramírez, butterfly mortality was found to be much lower than last season. Additionally, the proportion of dead butterflies with no apparent cause was higher, i.e., there seemed to be less predation by birds. As part of this project, a new weather station was installed at Llano de la Papas in Sierra Chincua to continue with long-term monitoring at this location. The temperatures recorded were similar to those of the previous season, but this year no drought was reported in this area. There are many new questions to be answered for the conservation of the monarch butterfly and its habitat in accelerated environmental changes.

Inside this issue: 

  • Official population estimates - still waiting
  • Thoughts on the Spring Migration 
  • Alternare's Summer 2022 Reforestation and Workshops
  • Monarch Network
  • Beyond the Mexico Book Project Complete!
  • Assisted Migration
  • Lincoln P. Brower Awards
  • GlobalGiving
  • Thanks to Donors

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