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Monarch Network's Video Clips

The Monarch Network has released a series of short videos about corn and food security in the monarch region.

July 11, 2023

Ambiente Cielo Rojo, member of the Monarch Network developed the network’s audiovisual communication project.  In partnership with other members of the network such as Alternare, they worked on several documentaries filming people in the local communities of the monarch region. The videos will be broadcast to the general public as well as local farmers, who are the major players in the conservation of the region’s natural heritage.

The five documentaries focus on corn and food security by promoting motivating, and highlighting the importance of the work of farmers in maintaining the production of Creole maize, and will contribute to the conservation of Creole maize and the “milpa”-crop growing system used in Mexico.

All five videos are found on the Monarch Network's website.

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