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"Beyond the Mexico" Book Project 2023

Beyond the Mexico book project continues to provide books and environmental education to children in the monarch butterfly region.

July 13, 2023

Students compare compare and contrast moths and butterflies in Venn Diagram

The “Beyond the Mexico” book project is on it’s third season providing books and environmental lessons to schoolchildren around the MBBR. In fall, 2022 schools in two major monarch sanctuary areas and surrounding areas participated. This project has been led by Estela Romero, working with Journey North’s Symbolic Migration, and supported by Monarchs Across Georgia. Ms. Romero visited 17 schools and reached over 500 students and teachers! In one elementary school, after a lesson on moths, children went outside to recognize numerous insects and discover evidence of them eating and breeding in this wild habitat. A hands-on example of learning about their surroundings and the importance of habitat conservation!

Our surroundings should look just like nature with leaves, twigs, rocks, and bushes since they are home to so many species that could easily disappear if we choose to rake our yards to simply make them look tidy.

Niños de la escuela de kindergarden y primaria José Clemente Orozco
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