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Monarch Network 2014-2020

Established in 2008, the Monarch Network is composed of civil society organizations working together for monarch conservation. MBF is a member of the network and has funded the creation of their website and supporting its outreach efforts.

July 13, 2023

The “Red Monarca” (Monarch Network), established in 2009 conducts education and outreach among local communities and organizations that work in the monarch butterfly area. Composed by civil society organizations, MBF included, in 2015 it set out to develop an online documentation center of the monarch butterfly region. Funded by MBF they developed a digital platform to organize and classify information related to the MBBR and make it accessible to interested parties and society as a whole. By 2018 the Documentation Center, along with a Geographic Information System and many other things were set and translated into English. In the documentation center users can search information by different criteria, such as title, author(s), year and type of publication, thematic area classified by activities in the MBBR, general topic, key words, among others.

The website has been updated with the most current content, and new technologies were added to improve its performance. Other exciting and useful features are the DC’s report page with a visually attractive interphase to search by different criteria and the StoryMaps which describe some of the network's projects. MBF is thrilled to see the consolidation of information for monarch enthusiasts all over North

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