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Reforestation 2023

A total area of 40 hectares was reforested with 41,450 trees.

June 20, 2023

Felipa (left) from C. Morales community and friend in their nursery

Forty hectares in the buffer area of the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve have been reforested to date with a total of 41,450 trees! Fourteen indigenous communities and six ejidos participated including 1,385 children, youth, women, and men who maintained their school and community nurseries throughout the year to have the seedlings ready for planting. They all continue expressing how happy they are to work with Alternare. Felipa, from Cresencio Morales indigenous community and shown in photo, has been working with Alternare for six years and told us, “The slopes have been eroded from past landslides and deforestation so I’m planting trees on the edges to stop that from happening and to have the water running through the area remain and not dry out.”

This year the rainy season began during the first week of July, allowing us to start the reforestation in the third week of July, when the soil is damp.

Map of 2023 Reforestation Sites

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