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Liz Goehring is an ecologist, educator, and program developer with experience working in corporate, academic, and public education settings. She began her career as a systems analyst with IBM before following her passion for the natural world and retooling in ecology and science education. Her research focused on monarch reproduction and understanding environmental factors involved in reproductive diapause and postdiapause development. She also helped develop the Monarchs in the Classroom curricula and related teacher trainings. For several years, she worked with research scientists as an outreach specialist, developing programs and curricula that featured active research (e.g., deep-sea ecosystems) and citizen science (e.g., GLOBE, Project Budburst, Journey North), using the excitement of scientific discovery to spark the individual’s imagination and inquiry process.

She currently lives in Colorado where she trains community science volunteers to help understand the monarch’s use of the region and engages the public in efforts to help conserve monarchs, pollinators, and their habitat. She also serves on the board of directors for the Monarch Joint Venture.

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