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Eastern population nearing its overwintering home in 2023-2024 season

Observers collectively track monarch migration via Journey North. Visit the Journey North site for maps and news of the migration.

October 29, 2023

Thanks to observers in Mexico reporting through Correo Real/PROFAUNA and shared with Journey North, we can see that monarchs are nearing their winter home. Please visit Journey North’s Monarch Project to find links to MAPS and NEWS.

Since the 1990s, Journey North has engaged volunteers across North America in tracking the movement of several migratory species including monarchs. During the migration period, observers post their sightings to Journey North's database and watch the migration unfold virtually on near-real-time maps. Weekly summaries of the species’ migration progress along with commentary from guest experts are also published. Journey North harnesses the networking power of the internet and the passion of its volunteer base across the landscape to visualize and study these phenomenal seasonal movements. 

During the monarch's overwintering period, Journey North continues to publish weekly reports directly from the colonies, written by Ms Estela Romero. Ms. Romero's work is made possible with funding from Monarchs Across Georgia and the Monarch Butterfly Fund. 

MBF is proud to help support this long-term award-winning community science program. 

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