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Newsweek Mexico Publishes Article on the Monarchs Highlighting Alternare’s Work

A great article on how poverty affects the monarch area and how Alternare, with the support of MBF and many others are helping.

March 12, 2019

Titled “La pobreza que mata a la mariposa monarca” (article is in Spanish) “Poverty that Kills the Monarch Butterfly”, Newsweek’s article begins by briefly describing the history of the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve and the social and economic challenges that its creation prompted. However, it continues with an encouraging viewpoint on how local inhabitants have faced the challenges with support from civil organizations such as Alternare. Lucino Gutiérrez and Don Guadalupe Garduño, campesinos from the Francisco Serrato and the Carpinteros indigenous communities, respectively, describe how they are using agroecological techniques to develop productive projects in their communities. All of it aiming towards achieving comprehensive sustainable development as Guadalupe del Rio, Alternare’s president and Karen Vega, from her team discuss. MBF is proud to support Alternare in their projects and foster forest conservation along with the well-being of the people that share the Reserve with the monarchs

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