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Reforestation 2018

A total area of 28 hectares was reforested with 30,000 trees.

July 03, 2023

Six indigenous communities: Carpinteros, El Capulín, Crescencio Morales, Nicolás Romero, Francisco Serrato and Manzanillos reforested 28 hectares in 13 sites with 30,000 trees produced in collective nurseries. A total of 2,537 women, men, and children from six indigenous communities enthusiastically participated in the tree production process on 26 community and seven school nurseries. The planting was done with 594 people who also helped in the selection of 13 sites. Communities asked to plant more pine trees since they can be managed more sustainably so 95.2% of the trees used in the reforestation were pines. Other species were included as well such as oak (0.2%), oyamels (1.5%), and alders (3.1%). The map below shows the reforestation sites.

Map of Reforestation Sites (in Spanish)

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