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Reforestation 2017

A total area of 25.46 hectares was reforested with 23,056 trees.

July 03, 2023

Crescencio Morales Community in reforestation
Crescencio Morales Community in reforestation

Thanks to the excellent work relationship that Alternare has established with the local communities, 24 trees nurseries have been established in schools and communities to provide healthy seedlings for the reforestation. This year, 720 people from six communities participated in the reforestation planting 23,056 trees on 19 sites and covering an area of 25.46 hectares.

Incentives for acquiring the trees were given in-kind and included cleaning supplies, sports equipment, construction materials, improvements, and implementation of the school/community nurseries and in some cases, labor was paid for work that was carried out in their facilities.

Map of 2017 Reforestation Sites (Spanish)

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